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Deluxe Pen Turning Kit - Morse Taper #1

Deluxe Pen Turning Kit - Morse Taper #1

Deluxe Pen Turning Kit - Morse Taper #1

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Universal Deluxe Mandrel Pen Turning Kit.

The universal pen mandrel has been designed for professionals to provide a means of holding practically any size of pen barrel during the turning operation.  It is capable of accommodating either one or two components at a time by simply adjusting the length of the shaft protruding from the shank.  the colleted mandrel has been designed so that the collet is totally concealed and is therefore dust free.


1 x Universal Colleted Pen Mandrel - #1 Morse Taper

1 x Pen blank trimming tool

3 x Long series HSS drill bits, 6.8, 6.9 and 7mm

1 x Mandrel Locking Nut

1 x Set of Slimline pen bushings (3 x bushings)

5 x Slimline Pen kits - Gold

1 x Set of turning cones

Spanner and pin for mandrel.

The Slimline pen kits included are a versatile kit that allows the wood-turner to create different shapes at the nib end of the pen. 

Action: Twist
Refill: Cross Style
To identify the taper in your lathe head-stock, measure the opening diameter of the taper. If it is about 20mm you need a #2 morse taper, if it is about 10mm you need a #1 morse taper mandrel.
Detailed step by step instructions and assembly instructions are available from our Instructions page for making your first pen or use the links below.




Made in the UK

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