About Us

Pen making is my Rotational Therapy.

I have had a passion for fine woodwork for many years, working in the yacht building industry in New Zealand where the timber interiors of many of the yachts are extremely finely detailed.  This led to making of furniture for our home and was soon followed by wooden toys for the kids.

The woodturning started in 2008 when I did a wood-turning training course and during the course we turned a couple of simple pens. From that point on I was hooked with making Pens and over the last few years have turned many pens for satisfied clients throughout New Zealand.

Over the years, I often found it frustrating when buying my pen kits, either the range was small or the kits in New Zealand were expensive compared to what could be purchased overseas, the only sticking point really was the cost of postage.

From this I thought, if I am experiencing this then other like-minded Pen makers in NZ are too.  This led to the creation of Native Pens. Native Pens is now a family run business located on the North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand. We are working hard to keep the pricing as low as possible and with your support we can keep this trend going.

Pen making is not just a hobby, it is an art form in it's own right.  With pen making you can take a simple small piece of timber and turn it into something both beautiful and lasting.  Through Native Pens, I hope to inspire others to take up the art of pen making.