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Nova Pen Plus Jaw Set

Nova Pen Plus Jaw Set

Nova Pen Plus Jaw Set

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The new NOVA Pen ‘Plus’ Jaws easily convert your chuck into a fast and accurate Pen Blank drilling facility.  The big jaw profile provides a vibration free, solid grip for all sizes of pen blanks and an accurate centred hole every time.  Being able to finely control the drill feed on the lathe is a big advantage to prevent break out on those delicate pen walls.

These unique jaws are designed especially to hold pen blanks for drilling.  But there’s a lot more to them than that – their solid, heavy duty design means not only will they hold Pen blanks securely, but they are also powerful enough to handle larger and longer spigot work (the ‘Plus’ in Pen Plus!) . These heavy duty jaws secured by two screws for each jaw segment have an internal profile to accept square turning blanks.  With a rock solid grip over 1 1/2” long these jaws can handle larger squares and rounds with ease and minimal vibration.
This is truly a versatile jaw that will quickly become one of your favourites.


Type of GripDiametersLength of Turning
Square Stock, Contracting Grip10mm (0.39") - over 25.4mm (1")230mm (9")
Round Stock, Contracting Grip12.7mm (1/2") - over 19mm (3/4")254mm (10")
Round Stock, Expanding Grip34.8mm (1.37") - over 63.5 (2.5")254mm (10")

Actual grip size may depend on chuck.

These Pen Plus jaws open up a new world of square turning projects.  You can do square lidded boxes, square finials, hollow form turning such as peppermills and much more.

Solid, long design means the Pen Blank is gripped firmly without movement – drill your pen blanks accurately and cleanly.
Fast to use.
Plus factor – hold long square stock firmly and accurately for wider project use beyond just pens
Fits on all NOVA chucks.
Super convenient for small run pen making – all operations are based around the lathe.
2 Year Warranty.
Comprehensive instruction manual included.
This is a two piece jaw set.

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