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Ø3/8" Colt HSS Brad Point Drill Bit

Ø3/8" Colt HSS Brad Point Drill Bit

Ø3/8" Colt HSS Brad Point Drill Bit

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Ø3/8" Colt HSS-M2 Brad Point drill bit.

Specifically designed for drilling end grain pen blanks.

Patented cutting tip with four cutting points creates fine sawdust for reduced resistance and heat build-up allowing longer bit life while maintaining sharpness in soft and hard woods and acrylics.

Parabolic flute design quickly ejects sawdust, reducing the need to withdraw the bit until the hole has been drilled through.

Unique cutting tip reduces likelyhood of entry and exit points chipping.

Center point on cutting tip provides pin point accuracy in wood drilling applications.

Made in German

Drill Diameter:   Ø3/8"
Drill Length:      130mm
Cutting Length:  85mm

Drill Bit Sizes
Size Ø3/8"
Shank Ø3/8"
Overall Length 130mm
Cutting Length 85mm

Tags: brad, point, drill, bit, 3/8, colt, HSS