Cigar Pen Kit - Gold

Cigar Pen Kit - Gold

Cigar Pen Kit - Gold

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Cigar Ball Point pen kit with Gold Plating.

Action: Twist
Refill : Parker Style
Drill Size: Ø10mm
Bushings: Cigar
Add a Parker Style Gel Ink refill to make this pen write like a rollerball.

Other information is also available on our Instructions page.
Pen Kits Details
Overall Length 143mm (5.63")
Nib Ø 11.6mm (0.46")
Centre Band Ø 14.4mm (0.57")
Cap End Ø 12.0mm (0.47")
Refill Type Parker Ball Point
Refill Action Twist
Nib Drill Ø 10mm
Clip Drill Ø 10mm
Approx Pen Weight 49g (1.73oz) Dependant on Wood Density
Blank Length 125mm

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