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1oz Starbond EM-02 Thin CA

1oz Starbond EM-02 Thin CA

1oz Starbond EM-02 Thin CA

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1oz Starbond EM-02 Semi Flexible Medium CA.
Excellent for use as a Pen Finish and for hardening the surface of the timber on your pens.
This CA has a Very Thin viscosity, 2~3cPs, and runs finer than water to fill any hairline cracks. It is also excellent as a penetrant and stabilizer.
It has Gap filling capability of .002" (0.05mm) and bonds in 3~5 seconds and cures instantly.
This viscosity is great to use for finishing, inlays, etc and can also be used as wipe-on coating to harden and seal porous woods, stones.
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For pen finishing with CA we recommend the use of our Finishing Cones

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