Basic Starter Pack - Morse Taper #2

Basic Starter Pack - Morse Taper #2

Basic Starter Pack - Morse Taper #2

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This basic starter pack has everything you need to get into Pen making.

Pack includes:

1 x Morse taper mandrel - #2 Morse Taper

1 x 7mm PANET PLUS High Quality Blank Trimming Tool.

1 x 7mm FAMAG Premium Brad Point Drill bit.

5 x Fancy Slimline Ball Point pen kits (One each of Gold, Silver, Gun-metal Grey, Copper, Black Chrome)

1 x Pair of 7mm replacement brass tubes.

2 x Pohutukawa pen blank.

1 x Rewarewa pen blank.

2 x Rimu pen blank.

1 x 1oz bottle of Medium CA

1 x 5 pack of Velvet pen sleeves - Black

The CA is suitable for both bonding the tubes into the blanks and finishing.

The Fancy Slimline pen kit is a versatile kit that allows the wood-turner to create different shapes at the nib end of the pen. 

Action: Twist
Refill: Cross Style
To identify the taper in your lathe head-stock, measure the opening diameter of the taper. If it is about 20mm you need a #2 morse taper, if it is about 10mm you need a #1 morse taper mandrel.
Detailed step by step instructions and assembly instructions are available from our Instructions page for making your first pen or use the links below.


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